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Centac Air Cooler

Centac Air Cooler

We derive and develop a wide range of centac intercoolers which are used in air-to-air and air-to-liquid heat exchange device.
Detailed Description

Centac Air Cooler is an acclaimed product due to the quality it offers. It has been manufactured as per the demands of industrial norms with effective back flushing facility. Dimensionally they are accurate and meet the smooth finishing standards. The premium quality material is used for offering effective protection to the electrical components, thus offering maximum functionality to the components.

To protect the internal parts of the automobiles from the damage of excess heat these intercoolers are used. With optimum efficiency and performance these coolers have perfect mechanical & electrical components.


  • Fine finished
  • Variety of shape and sizes
  • Durable material
  • Longer life
  • Interchangeable with OEM coolers
  • Maintain better accuracy
  • Leak tightness
  • Optimum heat transfer surface
  • Greater efficiency
  • Uniform flow
  • Constant water velocity
  • Decrease down time
  • Lowers inventory control
  • Minimum bypass through baffles
  • Higher water velocity decrease fouling
Centac I Air Coolers

Centac I Air Coolers OC-12
Centac I Air Coolers OC-13
Centac I Air Coolers 1C-20
Centac I Air Coolers 1C-21
Centac I Air Coolers 1C-25
Centac I Air Coolers 1C-30
Centac I Air Coolers 2C-30
Centac I Air Coolers 2C-35
Centac I Air Coolers 2C-40
Centac I Air Coolers 2C-50
Centac I Air Coolers 2C-55
Centac I Air Coolers 3C-70
Centac I Air Coolers 3C-75M5
Centac I Air Coolers 3C-90
Centac I Air Coolers 4C-125
Centac I Air Coolers 4C-125 M5
Centac I Air Coolers 4C-150
Centac I Air Coolers 4C-150 M5

Centac II Air Coolers

Centac II Air Coolers CVO
Centac II Air Coolers OCV
Centac II Air Coolers CV1
Centac II Air Coolers 1CV
Centac II Air Coolers CV1A
Centac II Air Coolers CV1B
Centac II Air Coolers ACII
Centac II Air Coolers ACV
Centac II Air Coolers CV2
Centac II Air Coolers 2CV
Centac II Air Coolers 1CII
Centac II Air Coolers 2CC

Centac III Air Coolers

Centac III Air Coolers 2CIII 
Centac III Air Coolers 2ACII
Centac III Air Coolers 3CII
Centac III Air Coolers 3ACII
Centac III Air Coolers 5CII

Other Centac Air Cooler Products

Centac Air Cooler C250
Centac Air Cooler C350
Centac Air Cooler C700
Centac Air Cooler C750
Centac Air Cooler C950
Centac Air Cooler C1000
Centac Air Cooler C1050
Centac Air Cooler 3C
Centac Air Cooler 4C
Centac Air Cooler 1ACV
Centac Air Cooler 2C
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